Strategic Assessment

Strategic Assessment

Flexibility. ICONOMICS can provide your organization with an impartial assessment of your current / planned solution architectures, infrastructure designs and application designs to enable you to validate your Enterprise Roadmap.

Is your organization at the point where it could benefit from a second opinion on its existing or planned solutions?

Solution and Infrastructure Roadmap

  • Leverage the output from a Solution and Infrastructure Roadmap to provide the foundations for developing you solution and infrastructure roadmap
  • Your roadmap will provide a clear, achievable strategy that will allow you to effectively get the most out of your planned Solution and Infrastructure investments across the organization.

Solution and Infrastructure Assessment

  • Your existing solution will be assessed to ensure that it has the right architecture and technical designs needed to meet your business requirements, while adhering to industry best practices and allowing for future expansion and integration with other systems.
  • Your existing infrastructure will be assessed to ensure that it has the right technical infrastructure, configured and sized appropriately, to ensure a robust, scalable, and secure environment for the optimal performance of your solution.

For more information on the specific products for which ICONOMICS provides Strategic Assessment Services, please refer to our Solutions page.