Speed.      Flexibility.      Trust.

ICONOMICS, by combining “best of breed” software tools from our partners with extensive real-world experience, helps organizations transform requirements into solutions which deliver financial and operational excellence.

Our Solution Architectures are founded on three technology pillars:

  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tools
  • Business Analytics tools
  • Database Management and Data Integration tools

Hyperion Upgrade

  • Migrating to EPM Cloud?
  • Migrating to Hyperion 11.2?

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Organizations are being required to report with greater sophistication to the changing conditions of their business, for more audiences and with greater frequency
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity

Business Analytics

  • ICONOMICS recognizes that the diverse and often divergent requirements of the various parts of an Organization preclude a “one size fits all” solution to its analytic needs
  • Oracle and Applied OLAP, our analytic tool partners, give us the technological breadth to elegantly solve the most complex business requirements

Lakes, Warehouses & Marts

  • EPM / Analytic solutions are only as good as the data that courses through them
  • ICONOMICS leverages best of breed Database and Data Management tools to implement Data Integration processes that will support the strategic objectives and compliance obligations of the whole Organization