Lakes, Warehouses & Marts

Lakes, Warehouses & Marts

Trust. Your EPM / Analytic solutions are only as good as the data that courses through them.

ORACLE’s Database and Data Integration tools delivering high-performance data movement and transformation among enterprise platforms with its open and integrated architecture. Leveraging built-in connectivity to all major databases, data warehouses, service oriented architectures and business intelligence tools.

ICONOMICS leverages these tools to enforce data quality discipline and help lower the total cost of ownership for enterprise, data-centric solutions.

  • Autonomous Database
  • Golden Gate Cloud Service
  • OCI Data Catalog
  • OCI Data Integrator
  • OCI Data Flow

Oracle Database

  • Oracle Database
  • Golden Gate
  • Data Integrator (ODI)

INFORMATICA’s Enterprise Data Integration products are a scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration suite These products access and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at any speed.

With these enterprise data integration products, ICONOMICS can help your IT organization increase data quality, dramatically lower costs, and boost productivity – all the while meeting your business’ demands for timely, relevant and trustworthy data.



Informatica Cloud Data Integration
  • Intelligent Cloud Service (ICS)
  • ICS Designer (Mappings/Taskflows)
  • Secure Agent (for Remote Servers)


  • Repository Manager
  • PowerCenter Designer
  • Workflow Manager
  • Integration Services
  • Workflow Monitor